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Our Doylestown HVAC technicians are experts in heating, cooling, geothermal, plumbing, new air conditioners & custom designed systems. Since 1975, our customers in Doylestown and surrounding areas trust us to provide them superior service. Call us today to schedule a service appointment or visit our fully stocked retail kitchen and bath showroom to find new parts for your new construction or remodel project.

Cooper Mechanical - Residential & Commercial HVAC

Whether you need furnace repair, air conditioning, a plumber, or custom HVAC services, Cooper Mechanical is here to serve you in Doylestown, Bucks County, and surrounding areas. We have custom plumbing system designers and custom HVAC designers.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Our Doylestown HVAC services include Frigidaire and Carrier variable speed furnaces, Buderus and Energy Kinetics boilers, Wirsbo radiant floor heating, climate zone control systems by Trol-A-Temp, and Honeywell and Aprilaire air humidifier systems. We carry and install only the best systems.

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Doylestown Geothermal Water Heating

In Doylestown, our HVAC technicians specialize in the installation and maintenance of geothermal water heating systems – this is currently the most energy efficient HVAC system available. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that geothermal heating systems result in 30%-40% lower energy bills.

Put simply, this type of system directly applies underground thermal energy to heat and cool water in your home. Even cold ground has a consistent heat at a constant temperature, no matter your location, that can be extracted. This is done through the installation of a ground source heat pump that circulates refrigerant fluid through either a vertical or horizontal closed-loop field of pipes. Depending on your situation, this will be accomplished using drill holes for vertical systems or trenches for horizontal systems.

New Air Conditioners

Cooper Mechanical also carries the most efficient and best new air conditioners on the market from Carrier, Frigidaire, and other top manufacturers. For residential homeowners, we’ll fix your broken A/C system or help you find the best new air conditioner for your home and budget. For commercial concerns, turn to us when you need to buy systems or repairs for new construction and remodels.

We carry new air conditioners with R22 refrigerant or the even more efficient, ozone-friendly Puron R410A. Tell us about your environmental concerns and we will recommend a system that suits your cooling needs while dealing less stress to the environment.

If you’re in Doylestown or the surrounding areas, you’re in luck with Cooper Mechanical. We’ll meet and exceed any expectations you may have for your commercial or residential HVAC system needs, geothermal water heating, and new air conditioners.